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[audio]Dissident And Dissociative - Oppcast #01
Opposide Records special podcasts:OPPCAST #01 hosted by Dissident and Dissociativetracklist:00:00 - Dissident side:1. Machinedrum - Gunshotta (Om Unit's Rollers VIP) [free]2. Moresounds - Blood [Astraphonica]3. Fanu - Street Sermon [Lightless]4. Lynx, Hellrazor (feat. Kemo) - How You Move Me (Paradox Remix) [Sunandbass]5. Cyberworm - Chernota [Opposide dub]6. Nic TVG - The Clown [Subtle Audio]7. Alaska & Robert Manos - Zeal [Arctic Music]8...
Keywords: opposide; dissident; dissociative; oppcast
Downloads: 293
[movies]Dissociative Disorder - Anthony Powell
Dissociative Disorders
Keywords: Dissociative Disorder; psychology
Downloads: 41
[texts]Pre-verbal trauma, dissociation and the healing process: a dissertation - Scotten, Dorothy Dreier
This qualitative research study examines some of the ways in which the healing process takes place in adults who have experienced dissociation, and who have most likely been psycholigically traumatized before full language development. --Abstract
Keywords: Psychic trauma in children; Dissociative disorders
Downloads: 2,935
[unknown]Wiki - Dissociative Identity Disorder, Dissociation and Trauma Disorders
Dissociative Identity Disorder, Dissociation and Trauma Disorders dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; Dissociative Identity Disorder, Dissociation and Trauma Disorders; dissociative_identity_disordernet_w
Downloads: 1
[movies]We all Have Dissociative Disorder: Talking About Body/Mind Solutions - Gretchen Gudenkauf
This episode "We All Have Dissociative Disorder: Talking About Body/Mind Solution" is Episode 4 from the Santa Cruz Commmunity Television show Gretchen's Sense Kitchen showing on Channel 27, Sunday evenings at 6:30pm. Gretchen Gudenkauf, the moderator interviews Erin O'Shaughnessy, marriage and family counselor, on Dissociation Disorders: how it develops, how individuals behave dissociatively, and how to use mindfulness (body awareness and breath awareness) to counteract unconscious or dissociat...
Keywords: mental health; mental illness; dissociative disorder; mindfulness; body awareness; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy; Gretchen Gudenkauf; Sense Kitchen
Downloads: 96
[texts]BSTJ 55: 10. December 1976: Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals.
Bell System Technical Journal, 55: 10. December 1976 pp 1577-1579. Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals.
Keywords: surface; spectroscopy; thermal; bilevel; dissociative; excitation; ieee; electron; devices; excitations; continuous tone
Downloads: 28
[audio]What is Dissociative Identity Disorder? An Interview With an ISSTD Past President - Doug Mesner
Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder) remains one of the most controversial diagnoses in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic & Statistical Manual (DSM). While a dwindling number of professionals in psychology and psychiatry support its legitimacy, the diagnosis still enjoys a stronghold in the cultural consciousness. The idea that certain traumas may prove so emotionally incomprehensible that the memories of these traumas may be "repressed" has bec...
Keywords: Kathy Steele; Doug Mesner; Dissociative Identity Disorder; ISSTD; False Memory Syndrome; Psychiatry; Psychology
Downloads: 164
[audio]my soul; open sourced - 2007-08-01: wtf? about Katy; my conditions explained, lousily. - Sparkling Dreams: Katy &the Girls
in my first 'focused' podcast i do my best to lousily explain my four major conditions. Generalized Dystonia(GD): my spastic explanation. Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia(CAH): when a rebellious body falls apart. Anorexia: how i no longer let her harm but instead strengthen me. Multiple Personality Disorder: we are all grateful that we're here for each other, i'm grateful that they were there for me.
Keywords: Conditions; Disability; Disabilities; Explanations; Generalized Dystonia; GD; Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia; CAH; Anorexia; Anorexic; Ana; Multiple Personality Disorder; MPD; Dissociative Identity Disorder; DID
Downloads: 127
[movies]Discontinuous Narcissist's Multiple Personas - Sam Vaknin
Thus, the narcissist is spatially and temporally discontinuous. His different personas are mostly in "cold storage". He does not feel that they are part of his current identity. They are "stored" or repressed, rigidly attached to four-dimensional PNS's. We say "four dimensional" because, to a narcissist, a PNS is "frozen" both in space and in time. This slicing of the narcissist's life is what stands behind the narcissist's apparent inability to predict the inevitable outcomes of his actions...
Keywords: mpd; did; dissociative; multiple personality; personality disorder; crime; punishment; justice; actions; consequences; responsibility; repentance; remorse; guilt; injury; hurt; rage; bias; bigotry; pettiness
Downloads: 55
[texts]Report From a S.M.A.R.T. Ritual Abuse/Mind-Control Conference - Douglas Mesner
A report from a Mind-Control/Ritual Abuse conference organized by "the Littlest Super-Soldier", Neil Brick -- a man who, despite being notably physically frail, claims to have been a top secret brainwashed assassin for the CIA/Illuminati.
Keywords: Ritual Abuse; Mind Control; Neil Brick; S.M.A.R.T; Dissociative Identity Disorder; Multiple Personality Disorder; dejoly labrier; Conspiracy Theory; Delusion; Douglas Mesner;
Downloads: 334
[texts]Bessel van der Kolk, Scientific Dishonesty & the Mysterious Disappearing Coauthor
Bessel van der Kolk is something of a hero to recovered memory believers, but the deposition taken below (by Dr. Christopher Barden), as part of a trial in which van der Kolk was acting as an expert witness, reveals some grave questions regarding his scientific rigor. Following this deposition, van der Kolk vanished from the expert witness roster. "Repressed memories" brought into consciousness by means of hypnotic regression or other recovered memory therapies have given rise to bizarre folklor...
Keywords: Bessel van der Kolk; Multiple Personality Disorder; Dissociative Identity Disorder; Trauma; Ritual Abuse; Psychiatry; Malpractice; Law; Deposition; New Hampshire v Hungerford; False Memory Syndrome
Downloads: 430 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Holistic Self-Care for Post-Traumatic Stress & Dissociative Identity - Dr. Cindee Grace, naturopath
Cindee Grace has written a treasure trove of healing wisdom, inventive, user-friendly technique and mind-body-spirit methodology for people wrestling with posttraumatic stress and dissociative identity. An intimately written insiderâs healing memoir, as well as a brainy, professionally grounded self-help manual, this book will be a godsend to scores of survivors of even the worst kinds of trauma and abuse...
Keywords: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome; shell shock; PTSD; Dissociative Identity Disorder; DID; Multiple Personality Disorder; MPD; dissociation; dissociative disorders; holistic; natural; self-help; self-care; health; healing; trauma; child abuse; rape; war; veterans,naturopathy; herbs; nutrition; acupressure; hypnosis; meditation
Downloads: 3,326 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Five Drops ep005 - Flower Powder
New Session of 2 hours Live Pure PsyTrance Cutting-Edge Tracks... Tracklist: PARA HALU and THE PATH - Naplement CONCEPT - Blow PSYMMETRIX - Smack My Pitch Up AJJA - Juicy Shrooms MODULE - Loonavercity SLINKY WIZARD - Fistfull Of Mutants ONKEL DUNKEL - Dansk Sommer SHADAI - Seven Sense (Live Mix) PSYSHARK - Heavy Progg REV - When It Is! CORTEX - Rap Chibiligram DISSOCIATIVE - Scalopendr 3000 PSYWALKER - The Prophecy DISSOCIATIVE - Lyzerginka ESP - Electric Space Phenomenom PITCH HIKERS - Infinite...
Keywords: flower powder; five drops; psytrance; psy; trance; psystream; para halu; the path; concept; psymmetrix; ajja; module; slinky wizard; onkel dunkel; shadai; psushark; rev; cortex; dissociative; esp; pitch hikers; zybex; darkpsy; evp; early reflections
Downloads: 113
[audio]Five Drops ep005 - Flower Powder
New Session of 2 hours Live Pure PsyTrance Cutting-Edge Tracks... Tracklist: PARA HALU and THE PATH - Naplement CONCEPT - Blow PSYMMETRIX - Smack My Pitch Up AJJA - Juicy Shrooms MODULE - Loonavercity SLINKY WIZARD - Fistfull Of Mutants ONKEL DUNKEL - Dansk Sommer SHADAI - Seven Sense (Live Mix) PSYSHARK - Heavy Progg REV - When It Is! CORTEX - Rap Chibiligram DISSOCIATIVE - Scalopendr 3000 PSYWALKER - The Prophecy DISSOCIATIVE - Lyzerginka ESP - Electric Space Phenomenom PITCH HIKERS - Infinite...
Keywords: flower powder; five drops; psytrance; trance; psystream; para halu; the path; concept; psymmetrix; ajja; module; slinky wizard; onkel dunkel; shadai; psyshark; rev; cortex; dissociative; esp; pitch hikers; zybex; darkpsy; evp; early reflections
Downloads: 755
[texts]Evidence Against Dr. Colin A. Ross, vol. 1 - George Bergen
"According to one expert witness, it was the worst case of medical malpractice he had ever seen. The patient, Ms. Roma E. Hart, had been grossly over-medicated into a prolonged state of deranged confusion, during which time the offending psychiatrist, Dr. Colin A. Ross, had instilled her with exotic and perverse delusions. To wit, the rather implausible belief that her family was involved in an occult crime-ring dedicated to a supernatural evil, and that Hart herself had been forcibly impregnate...
Keywords: Psychiatry; Dr. Colin A. Ross; Malpractice; Law; Multiple Personality Disorder; Trauma; False Memory Syndrome; Ross Institute; Dissociative Identity Disorder; Satanic Ritual Abuse; MK-ULTRA; Conspiracy; Mind Control; Brainwashing; Drugs; Douglas Mesner;
Downloads: 2,567
[audio]Resonant_Therapy-Mental_Healthcare - ok33
The sound frequencies used in these sessions are based upon Rife sets for resonant therapy devices. This work is dedicated to the public domain and may be reproduced without authorization. * Thalamic Diseases. The thalamus relays motor and sensory information to the cortex, it regulates as well consciousness, sleep and alertness. * Dissociative disorders, characterized by a disruption in the normal functioning of consciousness, identity, memory, or perception...
Keywords: Adiadochokinesis; Agnosia; Alzheimer Disease; Amnesia; Anomia; Anxiety Disorders; Aphasia; Apraxias; Asperger Syndrome; Attention Disorder with Hyperactivity; Autistic Disorder; Bipolar Disorder; Brain Diseases; Bruxism; Cerebellar Ataxia; Cerebral Palsy; Chorea; Choreoathetosis; Combat Disorders; Communication Disorders; Dementia; Demyelinating Diseases; Depressive Disorder; Dissociative Disorders; Dyslexia Symptoms; Dysthymic Disorder; Erectile Dysfunction; Essential Tremor; Hyperacusis; Hypersomnia Periodic; Hysteria Dissociative; Motor Neuron Disease; Movement Disorder; Multiple Sclerosis; Multiple System Atrophy; Muscle Spasticity; Mutism; Myeloencephalitis; Narcolepsy-Cataplexy Syndrome; Neurogenic Arthropathy; Neurologic Gait Disorders; Neurosis Obsessive-Compulsive; Nonverbal Learning Disorder; Paraphilias; Parkinson; Parkinsonian Disorders; Personality Disorder-Borderline; Phobic Disorders; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders; Postpartum Depression; Prosopagnosia; Psychotic Disorders; Restless Legs Syndrome; Seasonal Affective Disorder; Seizures; Seizure Disorder; Sexual Dysfunctions-Psychological; Schizophrenia; Sleep Disorders; Somatoform Disorders; Stiff-Person Syndrome; Stuttering; Thalamic Diseases; Tonic-Clonic Seizures; Tourette Syndrome; Trichothiodystrophy; Tricotillomania; Vascular Dementia; Vertigo Aural; Alternative Medicine; Alternative Therapies; Resonant Therapy; Therapy; Healing Remedies; Vibrational Therapies; Healing Sound; Music-Sound Frequencies Mix; Public Domain; ok33
Downloads: 1,182
[texts]NADE Journal, Vol. 22, Fall 1999. - National Association of Document Examiners
This professional and scholarly journal is currently one of the three published by associations of document examiners in the United States. The other two journals are issued by Association of Forensic Document Examiners and American Society of Questioned Document Examiners.
Keywords: Emily Will; Signature Exemplars; Jacqueline A. Joseph; Counterfeit Currency; Joseph M. Rosowski; Comparison of Handwriting the Trier of Fact; Marcel B. Matley; Handwriting Standards; Phyllis Cook; Dandy Rolls; Watermarks; Robert Johnson; Multiple Personality Disorder; Dissociative Identity Disorder; Carol Myers; Biometrics in Handwriting; Digital Signatures; Herbert R. Fineburg; Stuff Box; Historical Writing; Willa W. Smith; Medical Records; Alteration of Documents; Linda Collins; Linda James; Court Appointed Scientific Experts; J. Wright Leonard; Proficiency Testing; Phyllis Cook
Downloads: 20
[texts]TranceFormation of America - Cathy Obrian; Obrien; Survivor; overcoming SRA; victim no more; stand for truth; get the facts; expose wrong intelligence operations; military abuse; marks; marchetti; agee; kessler; bamford;
TranceFormation of America â by Cathy Obrien This is the Once in a lifetime get it while you can book. This is one of the most important books in the modern era of politics. A former mind controlled woman steps up, stands up and says Iâm mad as hell, and I am not going to take it any more. How she escaped from the clutches of the politicians and her intelligence handlers is explained. This is a seriously evil bunch of people...
Keywords: DID, Dissociative Identity Dissorder, Riggs, Hansen; Hypnotism; George Bush; Prescott Bush; Rumsfeld; George Pratt; Thayer; SRA; Satanism; Ritual Abuse; Mind control; Kontrol; Satanismo; Santana; Brainwashing; Evil; Horror; Gothic; Counterfeit bush; New World Order: le diable; spiritisme; lavage cerveaux; Novo Ordo Seclorum; OTO; Wicca; Innocent victim; Rights of Victims; Human Rights; Denial of Abuse; Intelligence operations; Military abuse; military psychiatry; camp lejeune; cherry marine networks; brain mind; ferguson; dna; recombinant; hybrid; 310; princeton child abuse; club of rome; personality splitting; honorable discharge, oathof office; Accurate facts; big business; fortune 500; 100; MRA; SRA; Multiple personality; aspertame; psychiatric abuse; world affairs committee; personal liability for high crimes; Impeachment; crimes in office; abuse of trust; wicked leaders; cheney rumsfeld; Gerald ford; child molester; boys town; rumsfeld; bohemian grove; abuse recovery; psychological abuse and recovery; you will be believed; seek freedom; read gospel of john; pray and fight on
Downloads: 397 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Pre Release General Miracles Cures - human cell reprogramming - Brian Ladd
Subliminal audio and video 3 hour sleep program by Brian Ladd of
Keywords: Gastroesophageal reflux disease 2 Acne 3 Allergy 4 Antisocial personality disorder 5 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 6 Altitude sickness 7 Alzheimer's disease 8 Andropause 9 Anorexia nervosa 10 Arthritis 11 Asperger syndrome 12 Asthma 13 Autism 14 Avoidant personality disorder 15 Back pain 16 Bad Breath 17 Alopecia 18 Bedwetting 19 Bipolar disorder 20 Bladder cancer 21 Body dysmorphic disorder 22 Borderline personality disorder 23 Bone cancer 24 Brain Cancer 25 Breast cancer 26 Brain tumor 27 Traumatic brain injury 28 Acute bronchitis 29 Burns 30 Bursitis 31 Cancer 32 Canker Sores 33 Carpal tunnel syndrome 34 Coeliac disease 35 Cervical cancer 36 Cholesterol 37 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 38 Colorectal cancer 39 Heart failure 40 Cradle cap 41 Crohn's disease 42 Dandruff 43 Deep vein thrombosis 44 Dehydration 45 Dependent personality disorder 46 Depression 47 Diabetes mellitus 48 Diaper rash 49 Diarrhea 50 Disabilities 51 Diverticulitis 52 Down syndrome 53 Drug abuse 54 Dysfunctional uterine bleeding 55 Dyslexia 56 Ear Infections 57 Ear Problems 58 Eating Disorders 59 Eczema 60 Endometriosis 61 Benign prostatic hyperplasia 62 Epilepsy 63 Erectile dysfunction 64 Eye Problems 65 Fibromyalgia 66 Fracture 67 Freckle 68 Flu 69 Gallbladder Diseases 70 Gallstone 71 Generalized Anxiety Disorder 72 Herpes simplex 73 Genital wart 74 Glomerulonephritis 75 Gonorrhoea 76 Gout 77 Gum Diseases 78 Gynecomastia 79 Head Lice 80 Headache 81 Hearing impairment 82 Myocardial infarction 83 Heart Disease 84 Heartburn 85 Heat Stroke 86 Heel Pain 87 Bleeding 88 Hemorrhoid 89 Hepatitis 90 Herniated Discs 91 Hiatus hernia 92 Histrionic personality disorder 93 AIDS 94 HIV 95 Urticaria 96 Hyperglycemia 97 Hyperkalemia 98 Hypertension 99 Hyperthyroidism 100 Hypothyroidism 101 Infectious Diseases 102 Infectious mononucleosis 103 Influenza 104 Infertility 105 Diabetes mellitus type 1 106 Iron deficiency anemia 107 Irritable bowel syndrome 108 Irritable Male Syndrome 109 Itching 110 Joint Pain 111 Juvenile Diabetes 112 Chronic Childhood Arthritis 113 Kidney Disease 114 Kidney stone 115 Leukemia 116 Liver tumour 117 Lung cancer 118 Bovine spongiform encephalopathy 119 Malaria 120 Melena 121 Memory Loss 122 Menopause 123 Mesothelioma 124 Migraine 125 Miscarriage 126 Mucus In Stool 127 Dissociative identity disorder 128 Multiple sclerosis 129 Muscle Cramps 130 Muscle Fatigue 131 Muscle Pain 132 Nail Biting 133 Narcissistic personality disorder 134 Neck Pain 135 Obesity 136 Obsessive-compulsive disorder 137 Osteoarthritis 138 Osteomyelitis 139 Osteoporosis 140 Ovarian cancer 141 Polycystic ovary syndrome 142 Pain 143 Panic attack 144 Paranoid personality disorder 145 Parkinson's disease 146 Penis Enlargement 147 Peripheral artery occlusive disease 148 Personality disorder 149 Peptic ulcer 150 Pervasive developmental disorder 151 Peyronie's disease 152 Phobia 153 Conjunctivitis 154 Poliomyelitis 155 Pneumonia 156 Post-nasal drip 157 Post-traumatic stress disorder 158 Premature birth 159 Premenstrual syndrome 160 Propecia 161 Prostate cancer 162 Psoriasis 163 Reactive attachment disorder 164 Renal failure 165 Restless legs syndrome 166 Rheumatoid arthritis 167 Rheumatic fever 168 Tinea 169 Rosacea 170 Rotator Cuff 171 Scabies 172 Scars 173 Sciatica 174 Severe acute respiratory syndrome 175 Schizoid personality disorder 176 Schizophrenia 177 Sexually transmitted disease 178 Sinusitis 179 Skin cancer 180 Skin Eruptions 181 Sleep disorder 182 Smallpox 183 Snoring 184 Social anxiety disorder 185 Staph infection 186 Stomach cancer 187 Strep throat 188 Sudden infant death syndrome 189 Sunburn 190 Syphilis 191 Systemic lupus erythematosus 192 Tennis elbow 193 Termination Of Pregnancy 194 Testicular cancer 195 Tooth Decay 196 Edwards syndrome 197 Tuberculosis 198 Ulcers 199 Urinary tract infection 200 Varicose veins
Downloads: 151
[texts]The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp - decamp, children of the world, unicef, united nations, united states, politicians, evil people, satanismo, occultisme
The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp. The book that exposes it all; and shows you where some of the other pieces are; not for the squeamish or the weak; find out about the secret & hidden networks of power, and what is the currency that makes the world go round; This is a tragic story of hidden political realities in the west by some who worship Satan and claim that they do no harm...
Keywords: Franklin; cover up; political scandal; intrigue; corruption; coruption; corupcion; corromption; corruptible; incorruptible; child love; sex abuse; sexe; mind control; intelligence; carnal; seven sins; going to hell; sesso; edward hunter; environmental; moloch; malchom; melchior; aspen; jesuits; Odin; tammuz; queensborough; ishtar; the devil; satan; potter occult; rites; yarker; nebraska politics; heartland political; international studies; international scandal; prince philip; prince charles; yockey; dope; carto; dutroux; windsor dynasty; saxe coburg; royal dutch; deutreu; deutreuz; pedofile; pedophile; pedophilia; clinically insane; abuse denial; aca; acoa; adult children alcoholics; domhoff; maconique; eric; franc macon; p2; mayfair; lucio gelli; woititz; eir; trilateral; hidden dangers; commission; executive intelligence; de camp; princeton; cherry; martyrs, synarchie; collar crimes; boys club; numeros; albion; not marines; boys town; counterfeit; false; estulin; lavage; evil; molesting; wicked; latter; rodney; springmeier; harmfull; richard; siecus; class; wired; northcom; alex; laud; alx; jones; stasi; young holocaust; martyrdom; mind warfare; dark ages; banquiers; la bete; umberto eco; did; d i d; sra; nkvd; ritual abuse; glenn; day; washington city; marcos; jorge bush; george bush; prescott bush; no justice; equity; london corporation; higham; epperson; Rendlesham; hidden hand; income tax; holocaust; mano blanco; cagoule; sexuel; rape; jezebel; nimrod; Semiramis; holder; feminism; feminist rights; femi; nazi; culte; Karl Shaw; kitty kelly; concentration camps; secrete societies; buenos aires; demoniaque; nunca mas; dignidad; impossible; luciferian; watergate; kay; jeffrey sachs; corrupt law; 666; narcostate; metropolis; ginsburg; paul cain; bickle; blame metro; rockefeller; stern gang; sutton; fascism; truman; geffen; eisenhower; des griffin; cantos; assange; eisenhauer; rothschild; david icke; none dare call; occupied territory; H G Wells; stratchey; keynes, bloomsbury; cliveden; mullens; Orwell; Huxley; Richard e Byrd; future shock; technotronic era; quigley; stronghold; 6:13; rushdoony; bennett; george schultz; martin borman; bundy; astor; mullins; edward mandell house; franken food; evil denial; roswell; genetically modified; moccata; prieure; skull bones; dave emory; usury; scroll key; branham; john warner; seminary; warcraft; psywar; departerning; narcotrafficking; evil triumph; fourth kind; courts martial; martial; thesis; college; pound; globalism; national socialist; morgan kahn; zocialisten; sigmund freud; orden; internal revenue; police state; fsb; degrelle; far left; talmudic; pratt dynasty; europa; royal dynasty; palmerston; hort; rashke; forth; 11; eleventh amendment; two babylons; hislop; farrell; bell; hyslop; basel; montauk; 417; 616; 1789; king george III; 1525; 1830; 1848; 1793; 1492; 1963; 1968; 1984; 2012; 2020; 2060; twea: title 50; rex 84; eugenics; russel sage; russel; mccain; liberace; royal; kings earth; seldes; rio tinto; conagra; monsanto; Ex Parte; violation; venitian; beecraft; koestler; fire minds; opiate; human hybrid; zohar, griggs; sion; propaganda; propagande; unlawfull; hunt; frankfurt school; hegelian; sanat; set; stargate; without marx; nebraskal talmud; alliance universelle; not jewish mafia; bilderberg; jasons; ufo abduction; searle; pentagon papers; lost tribes; syncretism; shinto; high places; suppressed; banned; rumsfeld; beck; romney; masson; cathy o brien; o brian; Roman cult; archbishop laud; unblock; freedom speech; blasphemy; vatican; malachi martin; bubeck; riggs; journaliste; demonic possession; oppression; ewan ewen cameron; sleep deprivation; UAV; kyoto protocols; unmanned aerial; wilhelm; reich; kuhn; totalitarian; totalist, esalen; big sur; 1960s; witness; eyewitness; chambers; trance formation; mark satin; spiritist; conspiracy; conspiracion; conspiration; globo; club of rome; dictatorship; Cristina; Fernandez; Kirchner; special forces; holotropic; emergent; Deutsch; dutch; surveillance; roosevelt; thayer; tavistock; our crowd; illuminati; bayern; generational; schiff loeb; tnec; basel; bcci; international settlements; jim marrs; goldman sachs; presentment; royal dynasty; james; krupp; bohlen; trimm; inquicision; catholica; cartel; juifs; kartel; Dissociative; limits growth; Sargent; nobel prize; Witchcraft; wicca; juden; australian freedom; Carl Schmitt; bronfman; hayek; foster alan dulles; vril; hesse; monopoly; nugan hand; Leo Strauss; weinberger; kennedy oswald; garrison; bloodline; insanity; doubling; personality splitting; Lansdale; Carl Rogers; Schrag; bushby; avro; psicoherejia; comitatus; federal reserve; paper money; john adams; Jackson second bank; MKULTRA; perle; douglas feith; enabler; mary jane; artichoke; neocon; second brigade; haas; state planning; do no harm; coronation; janus; van der post; yezidis; marchetti; agee; caib; caq; Eysenck; asylum; not; insane; reptilian; frank church; trotski; safehouse; juifs; guerre conquete; Ken Wilber; HRH Duke; seven sisters; soljenitsyne; Goulag; Sandoz psilocybin; Wessex; paganism; neo pagan; druid; druidic; Stockholm; dictature; italien; bobgan; kings europe; perpetuation dynasty; amsterdam; begich; Mindszenty; enterres; la verite; belgique enfants; armes secretes; matin des magiciens; sabelilan; Collins; Behavior-modification; extra-terrestres; fukayama; la papaute; Queen Victoria; Bernard Lewis; Schleswig Holstein; Battenberg; Mountbatten; Van Duyn; corruption; skynet; matrix; amsterdam; begich; Mindszenty; enterres; la verite; Search Manchurian; Spiritual Warfare; pullman; Chawkin; mears; Tugendbund; dark materials; Illuminates; Ordo Illuminatorum; Carrico; Eisenhower; Weishaupt; thought reform; tom horn; Estabrooks; sorciers; Fuerteventura; Pinochet; Jean Piaget; Jay Lifton; dizdar; rainer moellers; wierwille; Edward griffin; golitsyn; gemstone; habeas corpus; fractured mirror; Pervitin; der spiegel; Furniss; sorcellerie; Sklar
Downloads: 3,681 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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